Platinum Empire

Ava and the White Dragon

The journey begins, and an ancient evil begins to stir

Ava‘s first voyage under the auspices of the Dragon’s Eye.

It all began with a dispatch notice from Anabran Cane, the Hand of the Eye’s Archon:

Dispatch Notice

Private First Class Ava Stone

Dragon’s Eye Special Task Forces, 7th Squad

7th Squad has been assigned to travel east, to the Karhold mountain range, and meet with the dwarven elder, Krint, in the village of Kayarn. There appears to be some problem with a group of kobolds taking up residence in some ruins out there – their leader apparently has some strange powers that we don’t often see in kobolds. If the source of the powers is an item, retrieve it. Talk to Krint for more information – your squad leader has also been supplied with additional details. Best of luck, and may the glory of the Platinum Father see you through safely.

In the name of Archon Therin Fassit of the Dragon’s Eye, it is so ordered.

Anabran Cane

Having shortened the trip east through use of the Imperially-maintained teleporters, Ava and Soren made their way to Kayarn, where they joined with Aron Thaneholt, a representative of the Thaneholt Clan. The elder, Krint, filled the group in on the details of the disturbance; namely, increased kobold activity in the area, disrupting the dwarven ore mining operations. Squad 7 tracked the oddly white-tinged kobolds to their lair, where they contended with all manner of traps and kobold hordes.

Ava, from her long experience with delves, noticed that the cave complex was significantly colder than she would expect for a cave of its latitude and depth, and the chill increased rapidly as the party progressed, resulting in a showdown with a kobold wyrmpriest with peculiar powers over ice. A thorough search resulted in the discovery of a secret passage, on the other side of which they found a frozen lake – and a hatchling white dragon intent on devouring them. After dispatching the unhealthy-looking beast, Ava noticed that the tunnel through which they had entered was significantly smaller than the dragon itself, and surmised that the kobolds had hatched the dragon in the chamber and had been taking care of it.

The party returned to the Dragonspire with the dragon’s head as evidence, and Anabran Cane, after expressing concern as to the public panic that might result from a long-thought extinct servant of the Empire’s most ancestral foe, Tiamat having emerged, decided to issue an evacuation order to Kayarn until the incident could be more fully investigated.



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