Platinum Empire

The Second Foray

Squad 7 uncovers the real story behind the Keep, and makes ready to descend toward the rift

Squad 7, having recovered from their first expedition into Shadowfell Keep, set out to push farther into the ruins to put an end to Kalarel’s plans and investigate the Rift.

The group passed through gloomy corridors filled with undead and magical trap-glyphs; they found a small safe-room (after the zombies within were cleared out, anyway) behind an illusory wall concealing a small armory. They passed a gauntlet of sarcophagi spewing forth decrepit skeletons, finding a shrine to Bahamut suffused with a pearly ethereal light on the other end; when Soren prayed at the shrine, a bolt of light passed through the corridor, sealing the sarcophagi and incinerating the remaining skeletons in divine fire. They discovered three stylized statues of Bahamut under the shrine; holding them seems to keep the chill and corrupt feeling of the air at bay.

Proceeding onwards, they reached a dead end; a room beyond the shrine, with a single sarcophagus on a raised bier. When they approached, the ghost of Sir Keegan emerged, and asked Squad 7 a battery of questions to ascertain their motives and loyalties. Upon satisfying himself of their honor, he told them the true story of the Fall and entrusted them with Aecris, his magical longsword.

We leave our brave heroes as they prepare to venture down the staircase to the second level of the ruins…



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