Eye of the Dragon

The Dragon’s Eye is one of four divisions of the Dragon, the formal name of the Imperial Army.

The Eye is primarily responsible for special operations both inside and outside the Empire. This entails reconnaissance of enemy forces and investigation of peculiar events. The size and duties of the task forces within the Eye vary extensively; some common examples follow.

  • Three-to-five-man elite combat operations units that perform surgical strikes under the radar; generally work in concert with the Talon. Current squads engaged in this duty and their present assignments are classified.
  • Twenty-man “trailblazing” units that pacify and patrol outlying regions of the Empire to allow for colonization. At present, Squad 3 and Squad 5 are engaging in this duty along the western side of the Empire.
  • Three-to-five man investigative teams, sent to sites of reported disturbances. At present, Squad 4 and Squad 7 are the only known forces tasked with this duty; Squad 4 has been recently annihilated, with the exception of Captain Eddard Douvren.
  • Three-man infiltration cells, generally composed of one active spy and two support members. The support members are responsible for insertion and extraction, as well as communicating with the Dragonspire. Current assignments in this department are kept heavily secret.

Ava says: “If memory serves, the idea is that the Dragon’s Eye does reconnaissance, mostly inside Platin-controlled territory. We don’t get sent into war zones – that’s for the Talon and Scale – though we have to be ready for combat if it arises. As long as they send me where I want to go I don’t care much about the details.”

Eye of the Dragon

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