Kayla Prinn

The current Archon of the Scale. Kayla, reputed to be a highly skilled warrior following the combat traditions of the Elves of the Fioré combining swordsmanship with elemental magics, only recently ascended to her position. Her promotion was widely perceived as a public relations maneuver to increase the interest of the women of the Empire in the military. Whether this is true or not is a matter open to question, but she is known to be fiercely proud of her status and zealous in the performance of her duties.

Kayla dislikes Anabran Cane, and can often be seen butting heads with him in Council meetings. The exact cause of the disagreement is unknown; she has remarked privately that his ascension was only due to “grand-daddy being High Archon, he didn’t have to work for it like some of us did.” She is currently opposing his installation as full-fledged Archon of the Eye, likely due to a perception that Cane’s current focus on mystical threats is misplaced.

She is generally well-thought of, however, and is known for her non-confrontational approach to her military endeavors. She has often said that her policy is to “cover the Empire’s implacable walls with paper,” referring to her attempt to secure the borders against incursion using peaceable means, including trade contracts, treaties, and other cooperative agreements with potential enemies. These efforts have been largely successful in minimizing conflict, particularly in the Fioré, and she is credited with securing the formal military alliance with the Thaneholt Clan.

She relies on the Eye’s intelligence to pursue this strategy, using trailblazing squads and investigative teams attached to her units to gather information on the Empire’s targets to better negotiate with them. She also uses them as part of the “implacable walls” portion, dispatching them to find incipient or ongoing hostile activity within the Empire’s borders, including terrorist cells and other emergent threats.

Kayla Prinn

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