List of minor characters

The Dragon

Selver Carcani, High Archon

Bowden Cane, former High Archon and father of Anabran Cane

Dragon’s Eye


Archon Therin Fassit, deceased under mysterious circumstances

Hand Anabran Cane, second-in-command (and acting Archon) of the Dragon’s Eye

Sub-Archon Meirin NĂ©ill of the Eye’s trailblazers, candidate for Archon of the Eye

Chief Warrant Officer 3rd-grade Ferid Joran, Ava’s liaison officer

Captain Eddard Douvren, leader of Dragon’s Eye Squad 4

Captain Mihai Milya, leader of Dragon’s Eye Squad 11

Captain Lars Valis, Ret., Ava’s sponsor and a former officer of the Eye.

Enlisted Men

Aias Gilsatra of Squad 3

Vita Broen, corporal of Squad 11

Elsewhere in the Dragon

Archon Kayla Prinn, commander of the Dragon’s Talon

Valas Hune, Sub-Archon for the Pacification of the North, of the Talon

Archon Ryld Argith, commander of the Dragon’s Scale


Doundair, dwarven miner of Second Chance

List of minor characters

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