Platinum Empire

The Platinum Empire is the most civilized area of the world of Falena – at least, according to them. A theocratic empire in principle, but essentially a militocracy in fact, the Empire is fiercely expansionist and protective of its borders.


Although they lay claim to all land under the sky – “All that Bahamut gazed upon when he found the world” – the territory actually controlled by the Platinum Empire encompasses by the Crystalflow Coast to the south, the Karhold Mountain Range to the east, the Fioré – a giant forest – to the west, and the Gargarin River – which is constantly the site of bitter struggles with their strongest and most cohesive neighbor, the Niridan Union – to the north. The no-man’s land that is the ancient ruins of what scholars say is Bael Turath is located at the northeastern edge of Empire territory, established at the Gargarin River Delta.


The Platinum Empire is an exceedingly religious body as a rule; the deity of the state, and the one that it ostensibly owes its existence to, is Bahamut. The worship of other goodly gods is looked upon benignly, if a bit condescendingly. The worship of neutral deities, while not expressly forbidden, is a cause of prejudice and mistrust from both the Imperial institutions and the general public; thus, most worshipers of neutral gods find it convenient to attend Bahamut’s services and pay lip service to the goodly gods, though some opt instead to emigrate from the central regions to the more outlying areas, or even to the Niridan Union.

Worshipers of evil deities, when discovered, are exiled beyond Empire lands – rumor speaks of a special teleporter in the Dragonspire for this purpose. The exception is for the followers of Tiamat, who are rooted out and publicly executed.


Although predominantly human, the Empire is racially mixed enough – particularly in the central regions – that most citizens will not look twice at a dwarf or elf. As might be expected, spreading outward from the capital at Dragonfall, racial mixing becomes less pronounced; the smaller towns dotting the area around Dragonfall are more exclusively human. Likewise, the towns and outposts near, and in, the Fioré have a significant elven and half-elven population, and those near the Karhold Mountains are home to many dwarves. Tieflings, for their part, are significantly more uncommon, but are not subject to particularly intense prejudice in urban centers, and only slightly more in rural settings.

Platinum Empire

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