What Moradin Wrought

Excerpted from Dwarven creation myths, translated by Liaison Officer Ferid Joran

Thirteen things Moradin wrought.

He wrought the planet, and shaped it to his design
He wrought the stone of the mountains, reaching up towards his seat in the heavens
He wrought the caverns in the stone, for his people to live in
He wrought the metals in the mountains, for his people to mine and sculpt
He wrought the fires of the planet, so his people could live and work
He wrought the natural laws, to which all things are beholden
He wrought the runes, for his people to learn and use
He wrought the faith, for his people to know his will

He looked on what he had wrought, and decided the time was right.

He wrought his people, and gave them the mountains
He wrought the law, for his people to understand their place in the world
He wrought the Throne, for his people’s leader to sit and judge from
He wrought the Iron Jewel, by which his people might know Truth

He looked on his people with pride, knowing he had done well, and had only one more task.

He wrought his seat in Celestia, The Radiant Throne, an echo of the one upon which his leader would sit.

He took his seat and smiled upon his people and the world, and looks over us always.

What Moradin Wrought

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